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​20 years ago we asked ourselves:-
"Is it possible to create new plays for today's modern world by adapting Classic
theatre works and welding them to the concerns of the world around us?"
For many, the two approaches of Modern & Classic Theatre would seem to be distinctly at odds.
For us it is completely the other way round - it is our belief you cannot adequately do
the one without the other.  All our writing, productions, and
workshops, flow from this sole aim.
We view our Theatre work as having 4 main strands to them,
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alternativeShakespeare      Old 'n' New      Brum Beats      Workshop Theatre

2004: Beginnings

It all started with Frank's writing of Time After Time, which led to its production in St. John's Church,

in Frank's home city of Birmingham. This was under the banner of Heart Productions,

with the help of the Actors Centre Birmingham and Stagecoach.


Time After Time

2004-2006 - Shakespeare Sequels

The ​following years saw the creation and performance of the first

3 alternativeShakespeare sequels in a number of festivals,

again as Heart Productions.


Romeo & Juliet For All Time

Love Hurts

Macbeth Killing Time

Tempest Fugit:Prospero's Will

2007-2010: London

2007 lead to a change of name to inamoment and also the move to London,

teaming up with an up-and-coming young Director, Arnaud Mugglestone.

The next 3 years saw 3 productions in London, as well

as further appearances at festivals.


3 Women, 2 Chairs, and 1 MP

The Accidental Lives of Memories

Shooting Clouds

Time Out of Joint

Best of Three

2011-2013: Blue Orange/Old Joint Stock

In 2011, operations moved back to Birmingham, and a close alliance with the soon to

be opened Blue Orange Theatre, picking up again with producer Mark Webster.

There we developed our Theatre workshops.

A call from the Old Joint Stock Theatre, also in the heart of Birmingham, led to a number of plays being

produced there. In that time we also headed the New Theatre Initiative and Theatre Exchange.


Barefaced Nights

Kicking Off

New Theatre Initiative

Ophelia, Princess of Denmark

I Love You…Goodbye


2014-2017: Jewellery Quarter

In 2014 we set up theWorkshop, a space in the Jewellery Quarter dedicated to creating and

workshopping new Theatre, resulting in several workshop and main-stage productions.

Our next base was at St.Paul's Church, also in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham.

This led to the formation of the Theatre of the Quarter, and weekly

Theatre sessions, out of which came collaborative productions

focused on Birmingham,as part of our Brum Beats initiative.

The weekly sessions relocated to the Birmingham & Midland

Institute in the City Centre, along with further productions

of new plays, both in the city and, increasingly,

in various festivals throughout the country.


A Quarter Full

One Christmas Eve

King Lear (alone)

The Nativity 2015

Orpheus in Blue

The Other Side


The next project was, and still is, ArtsTransForm. This was set up with

2 close colleagues to explore new digital ways of presenting

our work. We are currently experimenting with new forms

of Theatre, both audio and visual. The collaborative

nature of our work continues to develop.


An Audience with Sir John Falstaff

Cordelia / Fool


More recently, our energies have focused on the launch of TheAlternativeSpace,

which will oversee the creation of written and audio playbooks arising

out of our previous play productions.


Romeo & Juliet: The Confessions

We have been putting on professional productions at the following Theatre and non-Theatre venues:-



Old Joint Stock Theatre, St.Paul's Church, Blue Orange Theatre, Crescent Theatre,

Birmingham & Midland Institute, Library Theatre, ARC Performing Centre,

Dolphin Women's Centre


Kings Head Theatre, Union Theatre, White Bear Theatre, Lion and Unicorn Theatre,

Greenwich Playhouse, The Miller Pub


Rocket Venues, C Venues, Zoo Venues, PQA Venue


Oldham Library Theatre, Burgess Centre, Footlights Theatre,

Bandit Thief & Mugger, Guide Bridge Theatre


St John on the Wall, Room Above Theatre,

Waterstones, Bristol Central Library 


Burdall's Yard Theatre



Pauper's Pit, The Opera House Studio, The Old Clubhouse, 

The Arts Centre, United Reform Church


Founder  Member

Frank Bramwell

Frank set up the AlternativeTheatre Collaboration to explore the challenges and excitement of

all forms of new writing, especially when it is inspired by classical Theatre. Learning from

the past, engaging with the here and now, and looking forward to the future, are vital. 


Vicky Holding ¦ Alex Nikitas ¦ Steve Kukla


Having trusted and valued Associates who understand what we do 

is vital to any creative forward-thinking enterprise:

Associate Directors

David Vann ¦ Marcus Fernando ¦ Arnaud Mugglestone

Victoria Grainger ¦ Tina Hofman ¦ Lauren McCarron


It has been a privilege to work alongside a wide range of talented and diverse Directors,

a number of who have worked on more than just one of our productions:


A large number of Collaborators have helped create and perform our plays since 2010,

often in many diverse collaborative ways. Their love of Theatre and working

unstintingly with each other has resulted in Theatre that is

fresh, personal and unique.



We cast Actors and Creatives for each production, building an ongoing

relationship with a number of actors over the years. 

To see a selection of feedback from the media and audience please click here

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