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Theatre Practitioners flexing their muscles . . .
Actors & writers performing the best Theatre they can . . .
Unique Theatre opportunities for Theatre makers serious about their art.
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Play Readings

Internet 2019-Current

St.Paul's Church 2015-2017

TheWorkshop 2014

Old Joint Stock Theatre 2012, 2013 

Chosen plays, from Shakespeare to contemporary playwrights, read, discuss, and put them on their feet. Sessions range from individual Zoom meetings to workshops involving up to 20 people. 

Devised Plays

The Dolphin Centre 2017, 2018

St.Paul's Church 2015, 2016

TheWorkshop 2014

Old Joint Stock Theatre 2012, 2013 

Actors work directly with a facilitator, creating characters and supplying the material that will form the basis of the written dialogue. The process drives out of our Stripped Back Theatre initiative, incorporating a form of verbatim/documentary Theatre.

The Other Side

Created in 2016 and performed in the Birmingham & Midland Institute & St.Paul's Church.

Orpheus in Blue

Created in 2016 and performed in St.Paul's Church.

A Quarter Full

This was our second piece of straight devised Theatre, and told the back stories of 7 characters who lived in the Jewellery Quarter. The pieces were devised by the performers.


This was our first piece of straight devised Theatre, and was premiered in the Birmingham Fest 2013, at the Old Joint Stock Theatre. 


TheatreCraft Workshops

BMI 2018

St.Paul's Church 2015, 2016

TheWorkshop 2014, 2015

Old Joint Theatre 2012, 2013, 2014 

Blue Orange Theatre 2011, 2012 

Theatre Workshops that set out to stimulate. To invigorate. And to inspire. Each one takes a look at how we can get better at what we do. A focus for everyone who wants to better understand Theatre, and who welcome the time and space to learn through shared doing. Workshops include:

The Women in Hamlet

Under the Text: Hamlet

From Zero to Theatre

Sarah Kane

Bertold Brecht

Work of Patsy Rodenburg

Speaking Shakespeare

Meisner Techniques



MAD Micro Audio Drama Workshops
Internet 2021 to present

Workshops that focus on one character, and a few key scenes/speeches from a Shakespeare play. The workshops seek to capture elements of Shakespeare's themes, words, action etc., and turn them into small audio pieces of drama, and as material for our TheAlternativeSpace podcasts.

NTI Workshops
Old Joint Stock Theatre 2012, 2013

We are very pleased to work in partnership with the Old Joint Stock Theatre as part of their NTI Workshops initiative to stimulate the creation of new Theatre in Birmingham. These Workshops focused on bringing devised Theatre into Performance.

Barefaced Nights

​Blue Orange Theatre 2011 

Actors & Writers workshop & rehearse especially written pieces . . . working to strict disciplines over a few short weeks . . . exploring the written lines moment by moment . . . Creatives work with the Actors to bring their work into performance . . . a truly collaborative new form of Theatre.

Best of 3er Pub, London Bridge 2010

London Bridge 2010

​Best of 3 started the whole Workshop process and was a great hit with both participants and audience alike. ​3 Teams of 3 Actors, 3 Short pieces of new writing, 1 Winning Team!




"It has been very enjoyable and worthwhile and did indeed give me a space and platform, and a vehicle, to exercise certain muscles and gears - to explore and push to certain levels. The script was good writing, which always helps the acting

process; very true and human almost what is already there subconsciously, second nature and on the tip of the tongue."


"Everyone I spoke to who saw it was just so blown away by the whole night, so thank you for creating such a brilliant project."


"Barefaced was a great experience for me, both creatively & as a performer!"


"I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed working on 'Barefaced' including the workshops, rehearsals and performances as well as working with everyone involved."


"Just to say a big thank you for a great four weeks it's been quite a journey!!"


"I've learnt so much from you . . ."


"You've truly inspired me to do some more writing, thanks for reigniting this flame."


"Please let me know when you are running workshops again as I would love to work with you again."


"The format of the workshops has been different to anything I have done before but a really positive experience. "

"Everyone found the idea of performing the same scenes fascinating to both watch and do. 

It puts the pressure on to take risks, make big bold choices and really flex your artistic muscles,

both in rehearsal and performance. As an exercise in creating character it was fabulous.!!"

"A huge buzz to perform and there was a lovely sportsmanlike atmosphere amongst the teams."


" . . . a great performance idea and a great entertaining evening."

"Very interesting concept!"

"All in all a very enjoyable evening!"

"Great words, wonderful performances."

"The format devised for actors is so engaging."

"I was engrossed in the performance of each actor . . ."

"I really thought that it was fantastically interesting to see the same script developed in such contrasting ways; really added a new dimension and raised many questions that might not have occurred otherwise."

"The words and actions were just of such a high standard."

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