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An Audience with

Sir John Falstaff

Falstaff's never-before-revealed true-life story!


Falstaff, as big as life, revealing all, telling it as it should have been told!


Falstaff regales us with his true-life story - and his never before revealed relationship with

William Shakespeare. The fat knight himself, in the flesh, is here to answer the questions that

audiences have long sought to ask!

Falstaff is here to tell us the real truth about his life as one of Literature's biggest characters,

also his fractured relationship with his one-time mucker William Shakespeare. As well as regaling the audience

with anecdotes and larger-than-life stories, he has, at last, a chance to tell it all, from his point of view.

Quotes from Shakespeare’s plays are used, as well as Falstaff’s very own words.

Both the comic and tragic sides to Falstaff’s life are laid bare before the public, in the course of which we get to understand something about how Shakespeare’s possibly greatest character became a literary giant.

In writing the play, Frank Bramwell extensively researched and workshopped the two parts of Henry IV to enable the audience to get a greater insight into why and how Falstaff is so central to the success of those two plays.

For further Press Information, photos etc please contact Frank Bramwell

07720 839 612 ¦ 




Buxton Fringe 2018 - Underground Venues

05-07-18 The Arts Centre 7.15

08-07-18 The Arts Centre 6.00

09-07-18 The Arts Centre 6.00


  Bristol Shakespeare Festival 2018

13-07-18 Room Above Theatre 3.00

14-07-18 Waterstones 7.00

15-07-18 Room Above Theatre 7.30


Birmingham Fest 2018

27-07-18 Blue Orange Theatre 9.00pm

28-07-18 Blue Orange Theatre 5.00pm

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