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KING LEAR (alone)

“Is this the Promised End?”

Nominated for the GM Fringe Best Adaptation Award 2018
Nominated for the GM Fringe Best Spoken Word Award 2018

Written by Edinburgh Fringe award-winning playwright Frank Bramwell


A unique opportunity to experience the play King Lear, told through the very mind of the man himself.

This new and exciting play dispenses with the other 29 characters in the original play

and relives its main themes using Shakespeare’s words.

Its challenging and bold take is to ask;

what if Shakespeare had not killed off King Lear?


Lear is on the heath, left alone to once more think about

that fateful day and everything that happened since then.

Now he has just one hour, one hour to decide what his future holds . . .


This fascinating opportunity takes us along Lear’s ensuing spiritual journey

following the news of Cordelia’s death, allowing us to re-examine the

original play’s themes and insights from a completely different angle.


This will be our fifth sequel to Shakespeare’s plays. The previous four (based on Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth, The Tempest, and Hamlet) have all delighted audiences with the boldness of their approach and the dexterity of touch. Romeo & Juliet for All Time won an award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for a play “that stood head and shoulders above other plays reviewed”.


"King Lear (Alone) is a gripping production and the formidable performance

given by Bob Young makes it compelling viewing."


"Young’s performance in general was a powerhouse.

I left in no doubt that for the hour he spent on the Lion and Unicorn stage he was Lear. "


" . . . there were moments of beauty and theatrical craft which must be noted.

Lear’s interactions with the two dolls onstage were both absurd and heart-breaking . . . "


"I left the theatre feeling like I’d been exposed to a flawed individual at their most honest –

and that honesty is something as terrifying, courageous and honourable as ruling a nation."



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Greater Manchester Fringe

Burgess Centre

Footlights Theatre

Edinburgh Fringe

PQA Venue


Bristol Shakespeare Festival 
The Crypt, St John on the Wall
Bristol Central Library
Oldham Library Theatre


Bath Fringe Festival 

Burdall's Yard

Buxton Fringe Festival 

United Reformed Church




Camden Fringe

Lion and Unicorn Theatre

Greater Manchester Fringe

Bandit Mugger & Thief

Guide Bridge Theatre


St Paul's Church




Birmingham Fest

Old Joint Stock Theatre

St Paul's Church,

Buxton Fringe

The Old Clubhouse



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