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two sides of the same coin?

Winner of the Birmingham Fest Best Adaptation Award 2018


Powerful one-man play, a thought-provoking reworking of King Lear, as told through Cordelia and Fool.

The latest in the award-winning After Shakespeare series examines King Lear through the actor stepping

into two of its most compelling roles. This powerful one-man play is a thought-provoking reworking

of the original text to provide a unique insight into the mind of the disturbed King Lear himself.

Traditionally it is thought that the two roles of Cordelia and Fool could have been played by one actor, and this is the contention behind the play. However, more importantly, is the psychological connection between the characters of Lear, Cordelia and Fool – are they, within the context of Shakespeare’s voyage of discovery, all manifestations arising out of the same psychic disturbance?


The play also explores the technique and craft of being an actor, with much of the action taking place within the Tiring House, as well as on the stage where King Lear the play is being performed.


This will be our sixth reworking of Shakespeare’s plays. The previous four

(based on Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth, The Tempest, Hamlet, and King Lear) have all delighted audiences

with the boldness of their approach and the dexterity of touch. Romeo & Juliet for All Time won an award at the

Edinburgh Fringe for a play “that stood head and shoulders above other plays reviewed”.


For further Press Information, photos etc please contact Frank Bramwell

07720 839 612 ¦ 





Buxton Fringe 2018 - Underground Venues


05-07-18 The Old Clubhouse 4.00

06-07-18 The Old Clubhouse 1.00

07-07-18 The Old Clubhouse 1.00

09-07-18 The Old Clubhouse 1.00


Bristol Shakespeare Festival 2018


12-07-18 Waterstones 7.00

13-07-18 Waterstones 7.00

14-07-18 Room Above Theatre 3.00


Birmingham Fest 2018


28-07-18 Blue Orange Theatre 9.00pm


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