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Work in Progress


the killing thereof 

At long last Queen Gertrude is able to speak,

and so her true story can be brought to life.


A one-woman play that tells the story of the tragic events that took place in Elsinore all those years ago, 

and what happened afterwards.

A story of intrigue and heart-rending passion, told purely from a female perspective

at the very heart of Shakespeare’s great tragedy.


And why her voice has been suffocated all this time.


This will be playwright Frank Bramwell’s sixth sequel to Shakespeare’s plays.




his last legacy

The time is near and the handing over has to happen.



A play inspired by the themes and issues in The Tempest, imagining what might have happened

to Prospero after he left the island. He knows the end is near and resolves to 'make his peace' 

with his daughter Miranda, and to also finally deal with his magic.


Except Miranda now has her own thoughts on the events that

shaped her life - and the man she loves above all others.



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