In 2019 we took the decision to focus our efforts on turning Frank Bramwell's plays into books - playbooks if you will. Shakespeare's Dream, based on Frank's highly successful debut play Time After Time, is the first of our AfterShakespeare series. Other plays will follow in due course.




Our intention is to have all eight AfterShakespeare books published in Amazon by the end of 2021 At the same time, we will be starting the process of getting the same plays into hard copy, again through the Amazon process.

Published in 2020

Shakespeare's Dream - click here for details and to buy 

Romeo & Juliet for all Time 

King Lear (alone)

In the pipeline

Macbeth Killing Time

Tempestfugit: Prosperos's Dream

Ophelia, Princess of Denmark

Time Out of Joint


An Audience with Sir John Falstaff