January 2022

The Covid Years



January 2022 - and we’ve been living through Covid for 20 months.


It’s time to take stock, time to look to the Future.


Welcome to . . .


The Covid Years


Imagine a time in the future, a time that looks back to the Covid pandemic,

one that tries to understand what happened.


This project will capture what it was really like, from

the people who should know – each one of us.


This is a time capsule to the future, a chance for each of us to make

a sense of this time, a documentary with a difference.


This Community project is open to Theatre Creatives and non-Theatre Creatives alike. In fact,

to anybody who wants to share and discuss their experiences of this unique global event,

one that has never been experienced in the known history of mankind.

AlternativeTheatre, who have been creating Collaborative Community Theatre since 2008,

are kicking off this exciting project to devise and create a

series of stage plays, books, and audio pieces.

Phase 1 starts in February when we will be holding a series of 1-to-1 confidential recorded Zoom sessions,

for people who want to share their Covid experiences, thoughts, and feelings.

Phase 2 will workshop material coming out of the Zoom interviews.


Phase 3 sees the start of creating a series of plays/books/audio pieces, with initial

Theatre performances aimed to take place this summer.


If you are interested and would like to take part, please email Frank Bramwell


giving a few general details about yourself and how things have been during Covid.


Please note there is no payment for the Zoom sessions, and all material used will be anonymous.

Actors Being Collaborative



On the back of the experience we've gleaned on our journey to date,

we are excited to announce a new Theatre opportunity in 2022,

Actors Being Collaborative!

We've been holding Zoom sessions running weekly since April 2020.

Out of this has come a staged new piece of Alt-Shakespeare,

the award winning Romeo & Juliet: The Confessions,

re-working material from the original play

Now we are ready to launch our new initiative, Chorus Theatre . . . 

​This is what we're going to do

​Work collaboratively to understand how the Greeks created their Theatre,

in a mixture of Zoom and physical workshops.


Collaboratively bring our own experiences of the world to create the material

for a new series of plays that looks at our lives and today's world around us.

Workshop drafts of the plays, applying the Alt-Theatre methods.


Workshop the text in new ways via Zoom to discover

how it works and how best to bring it to Chorus life.


The Workshops are for . . .

People who want to work collaboratively to push the

limits of their Theatre skills and development.

Actors who want to immerse themselves in the fun and

excitement of bringing their own words to life.

Creating alternative ways of presenting classical Theatre

to resonate with today's world around us.

Presenting new plays for stage performances,

books, audio pieces, videos etc.


Providing workshop and performance material for our

podcasts (launching this year).​


If you're interested in finding out more, please get in touch by clicking here.

Romeo & Juliet: The Confessions

Our latest Alt-Shakespeare production!!

We've now finished our Buxton Fringe & Birmingham Fest run for 2021!

Overall a great success for all involved, thanks to the energy and efforts 

of all who helped to make it happen. 

For more details, please click here


New Podcast Series!!

We are very excited to announce work has already started on a new

podcast series that will feature our work!

For more details please click here to go to

TheAlternativeSpace website.


I, Shakespeare

The sequel of the book Shakespeare's Dream ​is now being written.

A long time in development, but we are looking forward

to seeing it finally come to life.

For more details of Shakespeare's Dream, please click here to go to

TheAlternativeSpace website.