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What is AlternativeTheatre?

AlternativeTheatre is about presenting theatre in a way that touches people.


We believe in creating theatre with a beat and theatre with a heart - all our work comes out of exploring what makes us tick, and what it means to be human.

"Good Theatre, we believe, can only be delivered if we first listen, and listen very hard at that, to the beat that is inherent in the writing; for it is this pulse that drives the rest of the work 

- acting, direction, design, music, scenery, in fact, everything we do. It is the energy that flows from this that the audience should feel, for touching the hearts and minds of the audience is what it's all about."

All our work to date starts with theatre plays, so the world of theatre is our engine room.

Our Vision

alternativeTheatre exists to help people enrich their own lives through the self-understanding coming out of our Alternative Theatre ¦ Shakespeare ¦ Words work.

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