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Workshop: Theatre

Workshop Theatre is about theatre practitioners flexing their muscles, actors and writers devising and performing the best theatre they can. It provides unique opportunities for theatre makers serious about their art.Workshop Theatre is theatre without the trimmings; everything cut to the bone.

Workshops are the engine room of Alternative Theatre. Whilst we have created and performed many plays across our 20+ year history, most, if not all, have originated in collaboration and devising through workshops.


Workshop theatre is in everything we do, in some shape or form, whether or not it’s defined. We continue to run our alternative approach workshops on an almost daily basis, with a plethora of actors, writers, students, creatives and anyone else who just has a passion for making engaging Theatre. We want to make theatre as accessible for everyone as possible, and not just for actors or those working in the creative industries–everyone is welcome to develop their understanding of theatre and the world around them, to practise new skills, and to create new pieces of theatre.

To get details about our current Workshops, please go to our Contact Page

Our Workshop Theatre

MAD (Micro Audio Drama) Workshops 
Online: 2021 - present

Workshops that focus on one character and key scenes/speeches from a Shakespeare play. They seek to capture elements of Shakespeare's themes, words, actions, etc., and turn them into audio pieces of drama, in turn becoming material for our AlternativeSpace podcasts.

Play Readings

(Online: 2019-Present; St.Paul's Church 2015-2017TheWorkshop 2014; Old Joint Stock Theatre 2012-2013)

Chosen plays, from Shakespeare to contemporary playwrights, are read, discussed, and put on their feet. Sessions range from individual Zoom meetings to workshops involving up to 20 people. 

Devised Plays

(The Dolphin Centre 2017-2018; St.Paul's Church 2015-2016; TheWorkshop 2014; 

Old Joint Stock Theatre 2012-2013)

Actors working directly with a facilitator to create characters and supply the material that forms the basis of the written dialogue. Part of our Stripped Back Theatre initiative.

  • The Other Side: Created in 2016, performed in the Birmingham & Midland Institute & St.Paul's Church.

  • Orpheus in Blue: Created in 2016 and performed in St.Paul's Church.

  • A Quarter Full: This performer-devised piece told the stories of 7 characters in the Jewellery Quarter.

  • Parklife: Premiered in the Birmingham Fest 2013, at the Old Joint Stock Theatre. 

TheatreCraft Workshops

(BMI 2018; St.Paul's Church 2015, 2016; TheWorkshop 2014-2015; Old Joint Stock Theatre 2012-2014; 

Blue Orange Theatre 2011-2012)

Theatre Workshops that set out to stimulate. To invigorate. And to inspire. Each one takes a look at how we can get better at what we do. A focus for everyone who wants to better understand Theatre, and who welcome the time and space to learn through shared doing.
Workshops included: 
The Women in Hamlet; Under the Text: Hamlet; From Zero to Theatre; Sarah Kane; Bertold Brecht; Work of Patsy Rodenburg; Speaking Shakespeare; Meisner Techniques
NTI Workshops
(Old Joint Stock 2012-2013)

Working in partnership with the Old Joint Stock Theatre as part of their NTI Workshops initiative to stimulate the creation of new theatre in Birmingham. These Workshops focused on bringing devised theatre into Performance.

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Barefaced Nights

(​Blue Orange Theatre 2011)

Actors/writers workshop and rehearse specially written pieces, working to strict disciplines over a few short weeks, exploring the written lines moment by moment. Creatives and actors working together to bring their work into performance. A truly collaborative form of Theatre.

Best of 3

(London Bridge 2010)

​Best of 3 started the whole workshop process and was a great hit with both participants and audience alike. ​


3 Teams of 3 Actors, 3 Short pieces of new writing,

1 Winning Team!

Workshop feedback

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