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Theatre Influences

Learning comes through understanding, and this applies to theatre as much as anywhere else.  One of our key approaches to understanding is to try to see how other plays, modern classics if you will, have worked their magic.

Our productions take many of their impulses from both pre-Rennaissance theatre and the different theatre genres of the last 100 years, and are influenced by, and pay homage to, various styles of writing. As well as using Shakespeare as an obvious influence, our AlternativeTheatre works take inspiration from great American literary traditions, modern British writers, and even Greek tragedy.


For us, theatre is all about collaboration, and we seek to co-create and devise many of our works in collaboration with a network of actors and theatre makers. Our collaborative work is about discovering what makes us tick as people and artists, which we believe is an exciting way forward for participatory theatre.

Our collaborative approach has the following aims:

  • Understanding how we can best take part in the Global community we live in
  • Gaining insights and knowledge about today through exploring the past
  • Creating theatre that is about developing a community and the people in it
  • Exploring how mental & emotional health issues affect each one of us
  • Working with Schools and Colleges to help students develop themselves
  • Delivering workshops to understand and create devised Theatre
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