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Our Ethos

What do we mean by AlternativeTheatre?


“Theatre” is a great label for what we do. But with all labels come restrictions and limitations, and boxes in which we feel like we may be put. So let us explain. Yes, we have created theatre productions, and performed plays in theatres across the country, and we continue to do work that we would class as “theatre”. 


But we believe that theatre is so much more than just a building. Theatre is a feeling; theatre is an exploration of what makes us tick…it is great storytelling; it is inherently human. People have been creating theatre for far longer than theatre has been a word, let alone a concept.


We wish that we could replace the word “theatre” with something more fitting - something that doesn’t put the emphasis on the conventional actor/writer/director, performers/audience/theatre structures that have ruled the arts for so many centuries. We could use “creativity”, perhaps, but we don’t think that this encompasses everything that theatre means, everything that theatre is.


So, we’ll stick with “theatre”, and call ourselves AlternativeTheatre, whilst we continue to look for and explore new and different ways to operate.


We’ve worked for over 20 years on our alternative theatre – an alternative approach to theatre, or even an alternative to traditional theatre itself – and we’ll continue to adapt, create, and develop as the world continues to change around us.

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