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September 2023

   Collaborative Devised Theatre Workshops  

PubLife 2023 Workshops - CallOut

This will be the 9th Community Theatre workshop project since our first successful creation, ParkLife, in 2016. This time we look at our own lives in 2023, through the voices and

souls of devised characters who work, play, and (sometimes) live in Pubs; we hear

their thoughts and feelings about their private lives, as well as

how they're making their way through the big global 

world that we are all now engaged in.

To see details of previous Workshop projects, please click here.

The CallOut is for anybody who is interested in creating collaborative devised Theatre, from start to finish, using our Alternative Chorus Theatre approach; it's part training, part learning, part performance, and part devising, all via a series of 6 3-hour Zoom workshops.


People who have previously taken part in these workshops love how undaunting and

engaging the sessions are; they welcome their drop-in nature, as well as

the opportunity to take them to whatever level they want.

Our Community Theatre initiative encourages each one of us to be a part of Theatre, irrespective of our position in society and our level of Theatre experience.

The charge is £6.00 per workshop (or £30.00 for all 6 workshops), payable in advance.

We will record the workshops, to feature in our Podcast series and YouTube channel,

but only with the agreement of the people involved.

A strong internet connection is a requirement, preferably via broadband.

Following these Zoom workshops, we will turn the material into a script, to be performed by those who choose to do so, and the created video/audio will

also feature on our YouTube channel and Podcasts.

The Zoom Workshops kick-off on Monday the 25th of September

for 6 weeks, 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm GMT, every Monday.

If you are interested in taking part, please get in touch with Frank Bramwell,

giving some details about yourself, what interests you about the project,

and what Theatre experience you have. 

Contact us using the form below, or email:

Taking Part
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