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Shooting Clouds

Written by Frank Bramwell


Set in the global economic depression of 1958, this hard-hitting play tackles head-on the disastrous effects of an economic downturn on the Pearson family business; the greed and driving ambitions of individuals, and the avarice and financial power of the banks.


It is a play that explores the economic climate of today by looking at the last global economic recession of 1958; trying to see what lessons there are to be learnt and whether, despite being 50 years apart, there are similarities.


A small family business expands, to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by new markets; however not everything goes to plan, and before long the tensions within the family cause a meltdown; brotherly rivalry comes to the surface.

First performed: Union Theatre, 2008

Cast and creative team


  • John: Francis Kennedy

  • Donald: Bret Jones

  • Will: Damian Sommerlad

  • Mary: Jennifer Belander

  • Gilbert: Thomas Coombes

  • Ann: Mariam Bell


  • Writer/Producer: Frank Bramwell​

  • Director: Arnaud Mugglestone

  • Designer: Edward Lidster

Production photos


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