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Kicking Off

Written by Frank Bramwell


It's now and it's here- what happened in Birmingham in 2011. A look at how the Riots affected each and everyone of us, in some shape or form - and what might happen if they were to happen again.

First performed: Old Joint Stock Theatre, November 2012

Cast and creative team


  • Andy Alsop: Policeman & Government MP  

  • Catriona Mcdonald: Lady at the Window 

  • Neil May: Opposition MP

  • Alan Groucott: Intrepid Roving Reporter  

  • Caroline Frewin: Charity Shop Manager  

  • Jane Campion Hoye: Intellectual Revolutionary

  • Glen Hannah: Loser Rioter 

  • Joe Exley: Winner Rioter

  • Aimee Berwick: Policewoman 

  • Chloe Tempest-Jones: Research Assistant


  • Writer & Director: Frank Bramwell

Production photos

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