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Love Hurts

Written by Frank Bramwell


Love Hurts - but shouldn't Real Love heal? A sassy, captivating play, powerful new writing about the downs and ups of that bitter-sweet, funny little thing we call love... 

Love Hurts is about two members of a band, Sally & Phil. In the hour before their gig starts, they explore what Love is all about – and maybe even whether Real Love is for them. Sally, the singer in the band, still smarting from her latest failed love, is sure as hell not going to get caught again. Cool Phil is not so easily fooled by Love – he’s certainly learnt his lesson from his bitter divorce. Together they rehearse Phil’s songs – slowly they begin to reveal their hurts, their inner feelings, their hopes . . . 


Writer Frank Bramwell: “We set out to create a piece of theatre that exists for the moment, a by-the-second microscopic look at this turning point in how Real Love comes into being. The play concentrates totally on the actors, the words and the characters. We want the audience totally focused on the two actors, the two actors to be totally focused on each other, and for everyone in the theatre to be focused on each passing moment.” 

First performed: Old Club House, Buxton, 2005

Cast and creative team


  • Sally: Maggie Grace                      

  • Phil: Alan Groucott


  • Writer & Producer: Frank Bramwell

  • Director & Stage Management: Victoria Grainger

Production photos


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