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Orpheus in Blue

Written by Frank Bramwell


The classic Greek legend, retold for the 21st Century; a tale that speaks directly to us of the time we live in, asking ourselves what are we prepared to lose, and ultimately, what is it that we are all so desperate to regain. At any cost.


Sometimes, old Myths become today’s Myths . . . and that’s when they explode. A spell-binding journey through the underworld of Music, told through the eyes of a modern day Orpheus and his Eurydice.

First performed: St.Paul's Church, July 2016

Cast and creative team


  • Persephone: Mary Gilbert

  • Eurydice: Jenny Thurston

  • DJ Dan T: Neil May

  • Rain (Older): Tim Wright

  • Rain (Younger): Richard Constable

  • Jason (Older): Steve Kukla

  • Jason (Younger): Alex Nikitas


  • Writer & Director: Frank Bramwell

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