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Written by Frank Bramwell


One fine morning, in the centre of Birmingham. Everywhere’s people, milling about, getting about their business, enjoying the sun, totally switched off, chilled. Or maybe not.

First performed: Old Joint Stock Theatre, July 2013

Cast and creative team


  • Sainsbury's Assistant: Nadi Kemp-Sayfi

  • Banker: David Ault

  • Waitress: Chloe Tempest-Jones

  • Big Issue Seller: Tim Wright

  • Council Office Worker: Neil May


  • Writer and Director: Frank Bramwell


"'Inamoment' theatre has produced a number of acclaimed and ground-breaking shows over the past few years. In 'Parklife' we meet four strangers, who tell us something about their lives, their hopes for the future, and their current frustrations. A Big Issue seller links the stories, with a few of his own tales. In Pigeon Park, under the shadows of Birmingham Cathedral all of these tales unfold.

In all these five monologues contained a lot of dramas in small lives, at the ending and beginning of something new. Told in real time, throughout an action packed theatre, and devised by the actors themselves, with help from Frank Bramwell, this was a fine show, that packed some laughs, and a lot of pathos, into its far too short running time.


You can identify with the five characters in different moments of the play. And it certainly is the kind of story that goes through the minds of many who seek a few minutes of quiet on the lawn of St Phillips Cathedral at lunchtime.


It's a lively performance by a small theatre company."

"Five Strangers make a drama" by Ben Macnair for remotegoat

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