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Frank Bramwell & Vicky Holding

Frank set up AlternativeTheatre to explore the challenges and excitement of all forms of new writing, especially when it is inspired by classical Theatre. For him, learning from the past, engaging with the here and now, and looking to the future, all make for vital Theatre. 

In 2020, Frank was joined by Vicky, who brought her tremendous energy and skills to bear, initially as a Co-creator/Actor, and then 

working with Frank to manage all aspects of AlternativeTheatre.


Vicky Holding ¦ Alex Nikitas ¦ Steve Kukla


Having trusted and valued Associates who understand what we do is vital to any creative forward-thinking enterprise.

Associate Directors

David Vann ¦ Marcus Fernando ¦ Arnaud Mugglestone ¦ Victoria Grainger

Tina Hofman ¦ Lauren McCarron


It has been a privilege to work with talented Directors, a number of whom have worked on more than one productions.


A large number of collaborators have helped create and perform our plays since 2010. Their love of theatre and working unstintingly with each other has resulted in theatre that is 

fresh, personal and unique.


We cast actors and creatives for each production, building an ongoing and collaborative relationship with a number of actors over the years. 

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